Can you buy Legal Steroids at GNC?

On first glance it seems preposterous that legal steroids could be purchased at GNC (General Nutrition Centres – a global chain of health, sports and bodybuilding supplement stores), however if we delve a little beneath the surface we can actually see that the above question is not all that ridiculous at all. Before we look at the evidence we must first ascertain what legal anabolics are and what is the difference between these and the illegal variety. This a subject which can actually be quite complex (and can become even more complicated in different countries!), therefore trying to make it as simple as possible is probably a good idea.

What are Legal Steroids and how do they work?

The term ‘legal steroids’ appears to have different connotations to different people and the terminology used in this area can be highly ambiguous and confusing to the uninitiated. For example, use of the word ‘anabolics’ is often use as a substitute for steroids, but in reality they mean two completely different things – the former is merely something that build muscle and the latter is a hormone based messenger with the body; put the two together and you have a muscle building hormone, e.g. testosterone. If we use these definitions to begin with, are steroids that aren’t illegal and can be bought/sold/used without the risk of punishment? Firstly, it depends on which country you are in. If you are based in the USA, Australia or Canada then no, unless you have been prescribed TRT, but these will be at therapeutic doses and therefore not suitable for bodybuilding purposes. However, in the UK it is legal to possess and use any steroids, but not to buy or sell them (importing them in by person is still legal as of 2016).

But ‘what about designer steroids and prohormones?’ I hear you ask! Again, these are illegal in the former three countries, but not in the UK where they can be purchased from supplements stores both online and offline (examples of these are Superdrol, Epistane and Methyl-1-Testosterone). However, they were once legal in the USA (Superdrol, for example, was released in 2005 by a company called Designer Supplements in the USA) and was sold across the country and yes, you guessed it, in GNC stores nationwide. So if we look back to the question in title of this page we can see that at one point in time you could purchase steroids from GNC! However, although they are still legal in the UK, you will not find them for sale there or any other chains (only smaller independent stores or gyms).

What are the closest supplements to steroids you can buy at GNC?

Believe it or not this question has been asked a lot of times! Not only to me, but also to my colleagues and thousands of times across bodybuilding forums. The simple, straightforward and obvious answer to this is, ‘there are none’. This may come as a disappointment to many, but once I have explained why this is the case I will detail what supplements/alternatives can improve performance and help to build lean muscle mass and/or burn body fat.

No supplement or product you can buy legally over the counter at GNC (or anywhere else) in the USA will match the potency or efficacy of an anabolic steroid. Period. These are extremely powerful steroid hormones that were scientifically engineered to build muscle and come with a whole host of androgenic affects too; nothing outside of these will reproduce this at the level that is achieved by these hormonal anabolics. Remember, every single steroid created is an altered form of testosterone – the bodies most powerful anabolic and certainly one of the most potent mass builders out of all anabolics ever created. But what if you want to build muscle and/or lose fat and only have the option to buy legal supplements or anabolics, what options do you have and how effective are they? The main three choices are whey protein, creatine and a pre-workout. If all three are taken then you can expect greater protein synthesis (and therefore increased growth of lean muscle mass providing adequate calories are consumed); increased power and strength in the gym (although not directly correlated, getting stronger invariably leads to more muscle mass) and increased endurance and stamina. Of the non-steroid alternatives out there this three-way combination is one of the best and can be purchased at any GNC across the globe.

What Legal Anabolics are available on the market today?

Now we have made the distinction between legal steroids and anabolics we can discuss the latter in greater detail. Legal (and often natural) anabolics are usually combinations of synergistic ingredients that allow for greater workout intensity, increased strength and sometimes increased testosterone levels. If a product can do all three then I would have no qualms labelling it as a legal anabolic although this phrase often leads people to think of it as being more potent than it is in reality. In my opinion the best ones on the market today are as follows:

  • D-anabol 25: This has been designed to mimic the effects of Dianabol, i.e. induce muscle size and strength along with overall body mass. Although it will not have the same impact as actual methandrostenolone, it will help to boost overall performance and will certainly help to gain lean muscle mass.
  • Var: This potent lean muscle mass product has been engineered to give similar effects to anavar. Of course, the effects will not be as quick or prominent, but it will certainly aid users who want to build lean muscle mass as well as cutting body fat.

There are are more options but the two above cover the two main goals that people have when gym going/bodybuilding, and although these legal anabolics can’t be purchased from GNC they are available from the leading steroids alternative store on the internet, which can be reach by clicking either of the product images on this page.