Are there Legal Steroids for Women available?

With the ever increasing number of women that are bodybuilding, powerlifting, ‘crossfitting’, muscle building and gym-going it is not a surprise that the subject of legal steroids comes up frequently. Unfortunately, it seems that many females appear to delve into the world of anabolics (legal or otherwise) without doing sufficient research and pay the price by suffering side-effects that could otherwise have been avoided. In this article I will provide information regarding the choice of steroids for women, what dosages they should take, what cycle lengths are best and anything else that is important and should be taken note of by any female considering the use of anabolics. Before I begin, however, I must stress the point that before you commence taking any supplement or compound it is vital that full research is carried out. The best places to do this are online steroid and supplement encyclopedias and bodybuilding forums (there are usually specific areas dedicated to women and steroids).

What choices do women have when it comes to anabolics?