Are online pharmacies that sell steroids legal?

Is it legal for online pharmacies to supply anabolic steroids?

The question of legality over pharmacies on the internet selling steroids is hugely debated topic across many bodybuilding forums and discussion boards. The answer to this is quite straightforward ones, but it must be split into two parts: the selling side and the buying side. In this article we will discuss both of these and provide advice on finding legitimate sources to purchase your anabolics from.

In short, the legality of a ‘pharmacy’ selling anabolics will depend entirely on the country in which the site is based. We all know that different countries have vastly different laws when it comes to steroids and this is shown in the laws regarding distribution. Obviously, there will always be those who will break the law and sell irregardless, but in this article we will focus on the legal ones. Any outlet that purports to be legal and is based in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK is not legitimate. In these countries anabolic steroids are only available via a prescription and under the supervision of a medical professional. Only in places such as Thailand, Egypt and Turkey (there are others, but these are the most popular) is it legal to sell over the counter and over the internet. But, and this is a big ‘but’, this doesn’t mean they are legitimate and sell authentic products.

The second part of the puzzle is the legality from the buying side of things. In countries such as the ones mentioned above (USA, Canada, Australia and the UK) it is illegal to import steroids from abroad that have been purchased on the internet (it used to be legal to do this in the UK until 2014 and oddly enough you can import steroids and bring them to the UK if you buy them in person and bring them back in your luggage). So if you are in any of these countries then certainly do not import as they will more than likely be discovered by customs and you could face a harsh penalty. The UK is the least strict and they will usually just be destroyed and nothing more said, but in the other three countries you will probably be prosecuted.

Another important to note is that only testosterone, deca durabolin (nandrolone) and primobolan (methenolone enanthate) are actually used made by officially licensed pharmaceutical companies (and used medically), although anavar is still produced in some countries.

Is it possible to avoid the  legal ramifications of purchasing steroids online?

First of all we would like to state that we do no condone or encourage the purchasing or use of illegal substances such as steroids. The information presented here and on this site if for informational and educational purposes only. You are solely responsible for your actions.

The best thing to do is always buy from a supplier that is located in the same country as you. Domestic shipping is far less scrutinized than international shipping and it is far, far less likely that your package will be searched and your steroids found and confiscated. With the strict laws the USA there will always be checks made, but over the last few years prosecutions in such cases have become fewer and fewer, which means it may be easier now than any time before. That being said, you must still be very cautious and not get greedy. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between using the US postal system and courier services, so just go with what ever you can afford. We would, of course, always recommend the latter as this will protect you should your parcel get lost. Test purchases are always advisable if you money that you are happy to risk when buying first time, as is doing full research into the site before taking the plunge (this should go without saying!).

So there you have it, a brief discussion on whether online steroid pharmacies are legal and how you can stay protected when purchasing online. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

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