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How to locate a source for Real Dianabol

Is it not surprising that Methandrostenolone aka Dbol is the most popular oral bulking steroid that has ever existed. Since its introduction in the 1960’s is has been used by millions of bodybuilders the world over to increase muscle mass and strength. Whilst it doesn’t compete with the likes of bulking ‘monsters’ like Anadrol and Superdrol, Dianabol certainly holds its own and when you compare the cost, the side effects and the ease of access then it is a wise choice for anyone looking to gain size and build mass. Whether you want to use it for a standalone cycle (the idea of which most people berate, but it can actually be used very effectively by itself) or as part of a longer injectable cycle with something like testosterone then provided to find the real thing you are almost guaranteed to gain a substantial amount of size (provided that your diet and nutrition are dialled in).

Choosing Dbol over other steroids might be a tough choice for some as you always hear people saying it just adds water and bloats you, whereas other steroids such as Anavar, Winstrol and Turinabol are much leaner. That, however, is like comparing apples and oranges. Anyone looking to gain mass and wants to use and oral should try it for sure. It’s less toxic than the other main bulking orals and is more cost effective too. Arnold loved the stuff and he was a massive!

Where is legitimate Methandrostenolone for sale online?

One of the great benefits about the Dianabol it is extremely cheap to produce, therefore it is not only inexpensive, it’s also very rarely faked and will be available on many websites that offer steroids for sale. All you have to do is a simple Google search and you’ll hundreds upon hundreds of sites that stock it. Some advice for those looking to buy steroids online though – only ever buy from the country you’re in. International postage and parcel services are checked far more than domestic packages so to increase the chances of receiving your products I suggest sticking to your own country. Many people do frown upon buying anabolics from the internet, but from my research and experience it’s definitely far safer to do this than buy it from some dealer down the local gym. That is, by far and away, the worst thing you can when it comes to purchasing PED’s.

Is authentic Dianabol easy to find?

To answer this question is easy – yes, genuine Dianabol pills are very easy to find. Due to the fact it is rarely faked, is inexpensive and so popular all steroid suppliers will offer it for sale without a shadow of a doubt. Despite the fact that most sources will supply a real product you must still do your due diligence. Be sure to head over to eRoids or MuscleGurus to check out sources before purchasing from them. Make sure that they have good feedback and provide excellent customer service, i.e. something you’d look for when make a normal purchase online. Dbol pills are made by many manufacturers so use Google and bodybuilding forums to garner reviews on particular brands before committing to a transaction. From my own research I have found that sites that are rated well on the aforementioned websites are on the whole legitimate suppliers, so it is recommended that you stick to using those rather than randoms websites with no reviews or even worse ‘big Dave’ from down the gym!

Which is the best way to cycle Dbol?

There are two ways which you can cycle Dianabol – either by itself or as part of a bigger cycle that involves other steroids. If you’re going to use it alone then how much you take how long your cycle last for will depends on three things: your current size, your goals and you previous anabolic steroid experience. Obviously that are smaller and have little to no experience should stick to lower doses of around 15-25mg a day for no more than 6 weeks. Those that are larger in stature and a few cycles under their belt can use dosages anywhere from 30mg up to 80mg and can extend the cycle out to 8 weeks if they so desire. To ensure optimum health it is highly advisable to take liver protection such as TUDCA and CLA, as well as having blood tests before, during and after the cycle. To ensure maximal gains both diet, training and rest must be on point otherwise it is pointless taking anabolics.  Those seeking to add as much mass as possible to consume a high calories diet (at least 20 x bodyweight in lbs) and a minimum of 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight.

How can you stack Methandrostenolone with other steroids?

Dianabol can be stacked with a multitude of other steroids. It is most commonly used with injectable steroids such as testosterone and Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) as a ‘kick starter’ to the cycle as these compounds take four to five weeks to reach stable levels in the bloodstream. For that reason users will take legit Dbol for the first four weeks to give them an instant boost in size and strength. For these purposes 20-40mg will suffice.

Although widely frowned upon, Methandrostenolone can be coupled with other oral steroids. Many decades ago bodybuilders would combine it with Anadrol by lowering the dose of each so as not to increase the chances of liver problems occurring. Use with Anavar is not uncommon either for those wanting a strength boost. It should never be used with most liver toxic orals such as M1T, Superdrol and Halotestin however, as this will cause too much stress on the liver.

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