Which steroid sites accept credit cards?

Are you searching for legit steroid sites that accept credit card payments?

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Is it possible for steroid suppliers to take payment via credit card?

As the demand for steroids continues to rise so does the number of online suppliers. This shouldn’t be surprising, the market for steroids is just like any other form of commodity, i.e. the greater the demand the greater the supply. The question that many people looking to buy steroids are asking though is, ‘do any steroid suppliers accept payment in the form of credit card?’. Even 4 or 5 years ago the answer to this question would have been a resounding no, however as time has gone on more and more websites are taking card payments. It’s not a shock that people want to use their card to pay – it is, after all, the easiest and most convenient way to make payments (the standard methods such as bank and money transfers require a lot more effort and time). But how many sites actually accept cards? If we were to take all the site selling anabolics, analysed them and then worked out the percentage of those that do, it’d be very small – but, there are numerous suppliers out there that do. Sadly for those seeking such sites there isn’t a list of these available on the internet – instead one will have to carry out research oneself, however steroid reviews sites such MuscleGurus and eRoids are extremely useful for those trying to track down a legitimate supplier in their respective country.  Are you in this boat? Head over to one of these websites and scan through all the domestic sources and then see which payment methods they take. It may take a while to find out that ticks all the boxes, but eventually you’ll find one (or hopefully more!).

Can you buy steroids online securely?

The question addressed in the above paragraph will naturally lead onto this question being asked. Unfortunately if you asked gym goers this question they will no doubt tell you that it isn’t safe and that you should only ever buy in person. Whilst this may have been true 10 years ago, it certainly isn’t today – most purchases of steroids nowadays take place online. Whilst there will always be ‘scammers’ out there, the percentage of these has decreased over the years and there are now many websites that are tried and tested to not only provide authentic steroids, but also high quality customer service and fast shipping. That being said, the number one rule when looking to buy steroids online is to do your research. Never purchase from the first time you come across, even if it does look 100% legitimate and offer your preferred payment method. Check out reviews, speak to people on message boards and forums and just find out what people are saying about particular brands and suppliers. The only bodybuilding community is huge and tends to look after its own, so any illegitimate websites will soon be spotted and the news will spread quickly.

If you do find a steroid supplier then ensure that it is located in the same country as you. Domestic postage systems are monitored far, far less than international ones (customs can be very difficult to get through), so don’t take the risk of ordering from abroad even if it works out cheaper – you’ll regret it in the long run, trust us!

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