Where to find the best steroid store?

Which website is the leading anabolics store online?

If you posted this question on a bodybuilding forum or board it would induce lengthy and extreme debate…and it wouldn’t ever end! Why? Because lots of different people have lots of different favourite sites and a lot of of these sites will have a loyal following. When trying to find an authentic supplier of anabolics it is probably best to steer clear of forums (unless you are researching one particular brand) and concentrate on review sites.

Over the last five years there has been a couple of steroid supplier review sites that have emerged and proceeded to grow, and now provide an invaluable service to those looking to make a purchase. These two sites (Eroids and Muscle Gurus) have extensive lists of both online stores and brands (both UGL and pharmaceutical) and users can leave reviews of both. This is, of course, extremely beneficial to those who are seeking to dip their toe into the world of purchasing anabolics online and will aid anyone looking to do so as you are able to see the best and worst. You can even narrow it down to specific countries, with the USA and UK being the two with the most stores. The sites are extremely well monitored and moderated so you tend to only get legitimate reviews (that are usually well detailed), which is really helpful to prospective buyers.

Is it safe to purchase steroids from the internet?

This is another hugely popular and well-asked question, and again one that sparks huge debate across bodybuilding forums and blogs. Some will argue yes, some will argue no – largely based on their own experiences, which is understandable, but one persons experience doesn’t account for the whole of the internet does it? I have carefully examined the above steroid review sites, forums and spoken to many people about this and I am comfortable in saying that it can be safe to buy anabolics from a website. Note the emphasis on the word can – there are several steps you must take, which can be seen below. Before we get to that I must stress that even though venturing to the ‘dark side’ is a personal choice, I do feel that at least a year of natural training under one’s belt is needed to lay a solid foundation before turning to steroids. In addition, it is vital that your training, diet and rest/sleep is dialled in as this will help you to both build and sustain the extra muscle you will inevitably gain. First cycles should be kept simple, i.e. one or two compounds, one of which being testosterone (ideally a long-acting ester), with either an oral kick start such as dianabol, anadrol or possibly anavar, or a small amount of deca durabolin weekly.

Our tips on how to spot a legitimate website…

  1. Positive feedback: Do your research throughly across the aforementioned websites and forums and ensure that at least 90% of the feedback is positive. No website or business will ever have 100% feedback that is good as something will always go wrong, even if it seldom happens. Look for numerous good experiences in areas of good communication/customer service, shipping and quality of the product. Most stores will sell many of the recognised UGL or pharmaceutical steroid brands, so it up to you to decide which brand/lab is best for your before choosing which shop to buy it from.
  2. Age of the website: although not always a certain indicator of quality, if it a site has been up and running for a long time (a year plus) then it clearly must be doing something right as if it wasn’t it’d go out of business. You can search for the whois data on a site quite easily and you can also see when it’s first review was (on Eroids or Muscle Gurus).
  3. Make a test purchase: This is always a very good thing to do if you don’t mind making a small purchase and are willing to risk a few dollars. By doing this you can see how well a site operates, i.e. shipping rates and times, customer service etc…Some sites will have a minimum order value (usually around $100) so it is best to stick to those that don’t.

So there you have it, some advice on choosing the right steroid store for you and what to do to ensure you stay as safe as possible! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at info@legalsteroidshop.com.

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